Project management software for the automotive industry

It is not surprising that the automotive business has evolved in recent years from just moving vehicles to creating a highly tailored environment in which robots listen to their owners and behave intelligently.

Improve and speed up your processes with a web-based open source project management system.

Feature 01

Efficient collaboration. Digital and web-based.

Collaboration and communication between project members and stakeholders in a single web-based project management system is simple and efficient.

Feature 02

Project overview at any time.

Project managers and executives may access project status information at any time and from any location. Furthermore, both delays and progress are immediately visible.

Feature 03

Clear processes and transparency.

You benefit from transparency and clear processes in your collaborative OpenProject. Everyone is aware of the status and timeliness of all work, and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Feature 04

Flexibility and adaptability.

Adaptable to any project team's or department's working style by modifying objectives, projects, procedures, members, functions, and dashboards.

Feature 05


For complete control, the Enterprise and Community editions can be deployed on-site. You manage it internally and have the option of customising it.

Feature 06

Easy and intuitive to get started.

Software that is simple and easy to use, as well as web-based and secure. There are no installation, training, or operational charges.

To move your Business Boat in the right direction.

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